After studying paintings conservation in Canada and the United Kingdom, I established the first private, professional art conservation practice in Edmonton, my home city. There were no such treatment facilities for paintings in Alberta at that time Рworks either remained untreated or had to be shipped out-of-province. That was in 1990.4U3C0330

Since then, I have served numerous public and private clients in a variety of capacities – primarily as a treatment conservator, but also working as a consultant, adviser and educator. While I have a particular interest in 19th century works of art, I have treated paintings from as early as the 17th century to the present day.


M.A.C. (Master of Art Conservation), Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada
Commonwealth Scholar internship in the Conservation of Easel Paintings, Courtauld Institute, London, U.K.

Cyndie at a Getty Conservation Institute training seminar


CAPC (Canadian Association of Professional Conservators)
CAC   (Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property)