1. Conservation Treatment

Conservation treatment of paintings and historic picture frames is performed in studio.

On-site services include:

  • condition reporting of artworks including art collection inventories and condition assessments
  • treatment of non-mobile works of art, e.g. murals

Works of art on paper (e.g. watercolours) generally require the specialized care of a paper conservator.
Please consider the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators for listings of accredited members by specialization type and geographic region.

2. Conservation Framing

Carefully selected framing transforms an artwork’s appearance while providing critical protection.

It is often desireable to keep the original frame, particularly for an historic work or when the frame was chosen, designed, or made by the artist.

In addition to treatment of historic frames, I advise on:

  • period framing
  • display systems for all types of paintings including artworks on paper 

New frames may be chosen from a wide variety of in-house samples, or I can send photos of framing options via email.

In partnership with Larson-Juhl, I can offer hospitality framing and framing services for healthcare, corporate, and senior living facilities.

3. Consultation

I’m available to discuss your concerns by phone or email. Care, handling and display advice is a phone call away!

I do not currently provide pick-up/delivery service or appraisals.