Conservation Framing

Thoughtful selection of framing materials will enhance an artwork’s protection as well as its appearance. The smallest details can have a significant impact on short and long term preservation. A wide range of mouldings including period style frames are available to create exciting combinations with visual impact.


Many works arrive in my studio held only with nails in the frame.  Nails may loosen or fall out, jeopardizing the painting, or split the wood of the frame or stretcher. Countersunk nails are difficult and risky to remove.

Paintings should be held in the frame without direct insertion of fasteners into the painting. Zinc-plated or brass offset clips are held over the back of the painting and screwed into the back of the frame. Offsets come in standard depths or may be custom shaped to profile. The depth required depends on the degree to which the painting projects from the back of the frame. Ideally, the edges of the painting are fully recessed and protected by the frame rebate.

Offset clips used to secure paintings in frames are screwed into the back of the frame (NOT into the back of the painting). When the painting is flush with the back of the frame, straight mending plates or turnbuttons, such as those seen at right, are utilized.