Please make an appointment to bring your artwork or have it delivered to my studio (see below). The initial appointment usually takes 15-30 minutes. For framing services, more time is usually required to make framing selections.

First visit

If you deliver your artwork, we can discuss my initial impressions and expected treatment outcomes in person. You will be provided with an Object Receipt form outlining the conditions of receipt.


You will need to make an appointment to bring your artwork or have it delivered to my studio. 

Please ensure your artwork is wrapped and safely secured in your vehicle ( It is advisable to avoid transportation during temperature extremes. If you cannot transport the artwork yourself, an art courier is recommended, and I will coordinate pickup. Regular locations served include: Victoria, Vancouver, Duncan, Nanaimo, Ganges, Kelowna, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Regina.  Other destinations may be accommodated upon request.

Conservation Guidelines and Ethics in Canada

The Canadian Association for the Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC) and The Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC) jointly publish a Code of Ethics and Guidance for Practice.  I abide by the CAC/CAPC Canadian Code of Ethics and Guidance for Practice and as a member of CAPC, have undergone a stringent peer review process.


While client photos can assist in preliminary identification of conservation problems, I cannot estimate treatment costs for a work that I have not examined.

The initial examination and testing phase is critical to the success of treatment. You will receive a written examination report and treatment options. I may provide more than one treatment proposal for your consideration when appropriate or requested.

Acceptance terms

Treatment begins with your acceptance of the proposal(s) via email.  An advance payment of approximately 1/3 the estimate is requested. If you proceed with treatment there is no charge for the initial assessment, otherwise an examination report fee is charged and will be discussed upon artwork receipt.


Insurance coverage is described on the object receipt form, however I recommend discussing off-premises coverage with your insurer. A written appraisal of its value is also recommended.

miniature portrait
Miniature portraits such as this unidentified portrait measuring 11 x 9 cm, illustrate the critical nature of the conservation assessment. Often executed in water-soluble media, this portrait would be instantly ruined if water contacted the surface.


I maintain detailed records of your artwork and its treatment and you will receive a copy of written documentation. In my conservation database “ConServe,”  a unique object number is assigned to each incoming work and object details such as size, medium, provenance, etc. are recorded with a thumbnail photo. Treatment details are also recorded.

Safe keeping of your copy of all documentation is strongly recommended as these records form an important part of the work’s provenance.